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The current SONIFICATION portlet has been configured for:

The Italian and the France Grid (France Grilles) Infrastructures
The Mediterranean Grid Infrastructure

Instructions for users:
~ This portlet implements the sonification of data by means of sound signals. Generally speaking any sonification procedure is a mathematical mapping from a certain data set (numbers, strings, images, ...) to a sound string.
For further details, please click here

~ The portlet takes as input an ASCII data (uploaded via file or text area);
~ The sonification algorithm.

Each run will produce:
~ std.out: the standard output file;
~ std.err: the standard error file;
~ .wav: the MIDI file produced during the sonification process;
~ *.png: a list of 3D rendering images produced with POVRay if enabled.

MIDI Toolbox
Enabling this feature, a compilation of functions for analyzing and visualizing MIDI files in the Matlab computing environment will be used.

Eerola, T. & Toiviainen, P. (2004). MIDI Toolbox: MATLAB Tools for Music Research. University of Jyväskylä: Kopijyvä, Jyväskylä, Finland.

For further information, please refer to the output.README file produced during the run.

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Worldwide Software Distribution

See with the Google Map API where the SONIFICATION software has been successfully installed.

Select the GPS location of the grid resource where you want run your demo OR, BETTER, let the Science Gateway to choose the best one for you!

This option is NOT SUPPORTED in multi-infrastructure mode!

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MIDI Analysis
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